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Camaro Superfest 2017, birth of a new Camaro enthusiast.

This past Saturday I got myself up at 4am, gathered my cleaning things and loaded up and drove to the car wash. I didn’t necessarily go all out but I spent a little quality time on the car, laid down a thin coat of wax, vacuumed the carpet (admittedly for only the 2nd time since I have owned it) and then hit the road to the coffee shop. My car isn’t exactly going to win any awards from the judges, but hey, it’s good enough for living in an apartment and not being able to really spend a day getting it tidy. 

I was attending Camaro Superfest 2017 in Ypsilanti, Michigan and originally only registered for the drivers class but upgraded to judging class for just a small fee (for charity). My 2015 Z/28 isn’t exactly at home sitting in a show field, especially among a sea of other Camaros way cleaner and nicer than mine. Car shows however are one of my favorite places to be, whether I have my Camaro with me or not. These shows band together like minded enthusiasts, to chat about Camaros or cars in general depending on the show. People from all walks will stop by to chat you up, and you them about this item or that or who had what back in this year. It’s the general comradery that I love the most about car shows. 

One moment really stuck out to me though, while walking around snapping pictures I happened across a man and his little girl. The little girl was immediately drawn to a bright yellow “Bumble Bee” Camaro parked a few spots from mine. I sat there for a second in awe, as her father went on to explain different odds and ends about the Camaro. 

That morning, a new Camaro fan was born. 

Click the link for my full album of picture from the show.  


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