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How I almost lost the Camaro faith

Here is the history of why I have the car I do, and how I almost lost the Camaro faith.
In 2006 or 7, I cant remember I went to the Ft Worth auto show and was given a poster of the 2006 Camaro concept, and I’ll be honest I hated it. It just didn’t do it for me, most especially the rear. Either way, I just wasn’t a fan and though I was glad to see the Camaro return I was disheartened a little. I began working at a performance shop in 2007, and had the chance to work on many different cars mainly LSx engine powered and loved every minute of it. When the C6 Z06 came out with the LS7 I was hooked. Going back to Camaros I am a fan of the Z/28 moniker, all mine have been Z cars. I loved the history and the roots of the original Z and though I know the Z eventually lost its way to just being a badge I still preferred them over SS models. That being said, I was enamored with the LS7, it was the engine that finally gave rise to the high RPM monster from the old Z days…but it was in a Corvette…and I don’t particularly care for them. For SEMA 2008, chevy performance brought along an LS7 powered Camaro concept and I thought, yes, LS7! Alas, the Camaro came with LS3 or L99 power and I was disappointed. Overall, as the next couple of years went by I slowly started letting myself realize, maybe I would buy a Corvette instead as GM just wont build the car I want. The magazine tests were proof that style wasn’t everything. I wanted a Z/28 (or at least a good handling one) with LS7 power, good tires, good brakes, good suspension, good aero, and less of the stuff I do not need or want. 

Enter the Z06 Carbon, although it had some inside bells and whistles, it also had all the other stuff I wanted. It added ZR1 Carbon brakes, but without the blown engine (I prefer natural aspiration). Gee, if they would just add that stuff to the Camaro. The 2012 ZL1 was a marvel, and took the ailing chassis and made it something great. But, as I said, I don’t care for blowers. The 2013 1LE Camaro finally debuted and it was getting closer to what I was wanting in a Camaro, it was finally showing that you could make this car go, but still no Z/28 NOR LS7 power. Also in 2013 I had gotten wind that the new refreshed body would be unveiled, so naturally I was intrigued as I hoped they would tweak it to make me like it more as I fell more and more OUT of love with the Camaro. I worked diligently to prevent myself from seeing spy shots or reading magazines so I could watch it unveil live on the internet. I had ZERO knowledge of the refresh style. 

So on that morning I went up to the 6th floor of the library plugged in my headphones and watched as Mark Reuss unveiled the 2014 Camaro refresh and low and behold, I actually liked it! They made it sleeker and scrunched it down a bit in the nose and got ride of the bucket tail lights. I was a fan. 

And then it happened…Mark stopped with..BUT..and a little part of me knew what that meant. The video played. My heart pounded and out pops the Z/28 and I literally, out loud in a library…jumped out of my chair and yelled like a kid. And as he went on, explaining the details and kept yelling. It was finally here. I knew at that moment, I was going to buy that car. It had everything I wanted, LS7, carbon brakes, tires, suspension, aero, no interior frills…the basic race car I was wanting and within second..after years of disagreement I was back in the Camaro pig pen. SO the weeks and months went on as more pictures, pricing, stats, test reviews, Ring times, etc…I was getting further and further into the Z/28 game. I wanted one of those cars badly (broke college kid dream though) and was now working my ass off in school to own one. 

Fast forward to June 2014 as the car finally began to hit dealers. I refreshed my computer several times a day to see what closest dealer had one so I could just go..see it. Finally, Munday Chevrolet outside of Houston listed as having one and I drove the 100 miles give or take one morning to go check it out. I must have oogled that car for an hour or more and snapped some photos. Just seeing it in person made it even more clear that I had to have one. It was a Z, a real Z too that harked back to the Z/28 of old finally making that badge mean something again. 

To end this story, in Feb of this year (2017) I finally got the car I had dreamed of, a white 2015 Z/28 (white with black accents is kind of my thing) and it took me 4 years..but I got it and its everything I dreamed of. 


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