Camaro Historian offers a variety of services for the enthusiast. We offer event photography, Camaro purchasing consultation, Camaro classifieds, Camaro centric events, and general historical insight.

*Buyer Consultation-Our consultation services include basic services to evaluate what Camaro is best for you and vehicle location. Premium service includes evaluation, location, and inspection of your prospective dream car. We also work with full service shipping companies so you don't have to leave your house until your car is in your driveway. Consultation services starting at 99$

*Sales marketing-We can also help you advertise your Camaro you are selling, whether you are a dealer or individual without drastically affecting your bottom line. Take advantage of our social media reach by targeting your for sale ad in front of actual Camaro enthusiasts. Advertisement services starting at only 5$.

*Event photography-We offer event photography for your car show, track day, or private photo session. For this service all makes and models are welcome and all types of shows are welcome. Event photography Is hourly rate for local shows. Contact for shows outside Southeast Texas.

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Hi there everyone, I wanted to give a short overview of this site and let you know what to expect.
This site will reflect the day to day activities of a "car nut". I spend a great deal of my time going to shows, races, events, meets, and track. I also spend plenty of time detailing and monkeying around with cars. This will be a gathering place for all of my thoughts and a showcase of the places I go and things I do.

I am a bona-fied Camaro nerd, and have been for a very long time. Much of this site will reflect that, but make no mistake I am also a general automobile enthusiast so there will be touches of that as well.

Also, I fancy myself an amateur (very amateur) photographer so there will be lots of pictures most of which can be found on my Instagram feed and especially in the link for Shows/Events.

Full disclosure, I am an engineer for GM, so the views expressed here are my own and not necessarily those of my employer.

Subscribe to this blog as I will update as regularly as possible, and be sure to check out my Instagram, Youtube, and Flickr accounts and subscribe.



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