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*Buyer Consultation-Our consultation services include basic services to evaluate what Camaro is best for you and vehicle location. Premium service includes evaluation, location, and inspection of your prospective dream car. We also work with full service shipping companies so you don't have to leave your house until your car is in your driveway. Consultation services starting at 99$

*Sales marketing-We can also help you advertise your Camaro you are selling, whether you are a dealer or individual without drastically affecting your bottom line. Take advantage of our social media reach by targeting your for sale ad in front of actual Camaro enthusiasts. Advertisement services starting at only 5$.

*Event photography-We offer event photography for your car show, track day, or private photo session. For this service all makes and models are welcome and all types of shows are welcome. Event photography Is hourly rate for local shows. Contact for shows outside Southeast Texas.

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2018 roll out plan!

Hello Camaro Historian followers, if you recall last year I alluded to a few changes coming to the site in 2018. I am happy to announce that I am on step 1 of that endeavor.

First, in response to some of the messages I get, I have decided that I will allow advertisement on my website. This is NOT something I will be getting rich from, and I do not want to ruin the overall theme of my page which is to share my passion for the Camaro. What I DO want to do is give viewers access to Camaros that are for sale around the country. Naturally entering a saturated market place is tough, but what my site offers is the little things (ever read a sale ad and have to work just to find out things about it?). I can help you decipher things about the car you are buying.

If you are selling your Camaro, I can help get you in front of prospective Camaro buyers. If you put your car for sale on the side of the street with a sign in the window, 1000 people are going to pass by it before 1-person notices. Or you can have your ad put up in front of Camaro fans ONLY and increase your chances the ‘right’ person coming along.

I will allow this access to individuals AND dealers, old car or new car, beater or high end custom…the first step in becoming a Camaro fanatic is to finally step into your first Camaro. I want to help everyone buy their first Camaro. I don’t want it to cost you your bottom line either, so I will have an introductory price of 1$. This will help me pay for the domain name that I have purchased. Like I said, im not looking to get rich, or charge as much as other sites charge to host your car. So 1$/per car and I will put it in front of as many people as I possibly can to increase your chances of selling your vehicle.

Step 2) I can also help you find and purchase your dream Camaro. I spend a lot of time searching the web for Camaros for sale, I might as well help others do it as well. Let me know what you’re looking for and I will help you locate the car. Because this DOES take a lot of time and effort the fee would be 5$. I will present you with my findings, after surveying you for what you’re after.

Thanks for reading! Check back often for updates for more roll out items this year. Hopefully an APP is on the way!


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